• World's Only Green Disposable Barbecue Grillbox

    About Charbox
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What is Charbox?

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Why Charbox?

Our Story

Charbox Benefits


Each piece of CHARBOX is recyclable!!! 

Take It Anywhere

Take CHARBOX wherever you go!

Very Little To No Clean Up

Simple clean-up means no more charcoal mess!

Briquettes Last Longer

Our briquettes can last up to 3 hours. Thus, More food with less fuel.   

Hygienic + Healthy

With CHARBOX,  you don't have to worry about cooking on unhygienic grill tops. You can enjoy eating clean and healthy food anywhere.

No lighter fluid or chemicals needed. 

Our Party Offer

Have a big party and one CHARBOX is not enough!  That is ok! Because if you buy five CHARBOXS together, we will send you the sixth one free. 

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