Our Environmental Cause

When we decided to change the way barbecue is done, we created briquettes that are 100% natural and have four times the volume of regular briquettes. This implies, each briquette can hold extra heat thus requiring "preparing more food for less fuel." At the same time emitting less smoke in the air!!

Secondly, no lighter fluid or chemical accelerant is needed to light CHARBOX, as opposed to the standard barbecue briquettes, where their use presents a health hazard.

Thirdly, all components of CHARBOX are recyclable, which means leaving no waste behind.

With CHARBOX, we are making an initiative to be more responsible with the kind of products we create. By doing so, we are trying to get the conversation started that an economy that "Makes, Recycles, and Reuses" products is better for our future than the linear economy that we have currently.