Our Social Cause

Water is Life

We believe that clean water is a basic human right. CHARBOX is engaged in efforts to recharge aquifers (groundwater) in places where accessibility to clean water is scarce. In the course of our history, it is now more than ever important and pressing to find innovative ways to preserve our water. We are working at several sites to preserve groundwater so that people in these scarce places are able to get clean water.

child cleaning dishes with dirty water

What Is An Aquifer?

An aquifer (groundwater) is a area in the ground where water is stored. Earth has naturally aquifers, which are usually divided by layers of materials such as clay, limestone and sand. When it rains, the water that gets accumulates is absorbed into the ground to these natural aquifers. To access this ground water, we must dig a tunnel through the layers of material and then use pipes with filers to reach the water. The ground water is then used for drinking, cleaning, agriculture and supply. 

This delicate cycle of rain, store, use will keep going until we consume more water than available or there is a drought. When this happens, we must dig even deeper into the Earth to find more water. either we consume more then there is or when it stops to rain. When we consume more, we have to dig even deeper into the earth's ground to find water that is trapped by the non-permeable layers, which not only disrupts the ground foundation but also there is higher chance of having some of those non-permeable layers in our water.