Our Story

Barbecuing is synonymous with "friends and family having FUN over healthy food." Then why should it begin with a CHORE of 'tedious setup' and end with a CHORE of 'frustrating clean up'. At CHARBOX, our mission is to create an experience that brings people together, in a way that is environmentally-friendly and hygienic. At the same time, creating a vibrant atmosphere that allows people to take the fun wherever they go with CHARBOX!  


Our Mission

CHARBOX exists because we want to change the way barbecuing is done. As consumers, we have a choice on investing and using products that would help our planet and our well-being. We asked ourselves how we can make barbecuing more environmentally-friendly and hygienic. And of course, grilling together with family and friends!  Thus, CHARBOX CAME TO LIFE!!

Part of CHARBOX's social responsibility is giving back to our global community. We are doing this by exploring innovative avenues and investing in organizations that are working on recharging groundwater to provide clean water to poor and rural areas of the world.

Enhance Experience 

With CHARBOX, you have the freedom to barbecue anywhere without worrying about leaving a mess, hurting the environment and eating contaminated food from previously used barbecue grill. By choosing a product that is recyclable, you get to participate in restoring our planet and be part of this exciting story!!!